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ABOUT US May 25, 2010




This blog was a dream, that my friend and I were planning to achieve from August’09.  Thank god, we did it after almost a year…!

We are students, pursuing our graduate studies, somewhere in the US.  During the course of our studies, we felt that our resume would look better if we could add LEED AP to our list of credentials. So, we went ahead and earned our credential a year ago.

LEED exam preparation was not a cakewalk for us. We had difficulties in sieving through grains of information and in determining, what to study and what not to. LEED handbook had tons of details in each division and taking a call on where to pay attention and where to skim through, was tough. We desperately needed some one to guide us. So, we took part in various online discussions and remained active in internet forums. Though we were able to find answers to most of our questions, the process was time consuming, as the information was quite scattered.

So, we decided to aggregate all the information that we had, all techniques that we used and present it to others, who are in need of it. This is the major reason behind the creation of this blog. But to some extent, we did it just to satisfy our desire to write.

Here, we will be discussing about LEED Exam Preparation, LEED Credential Maintenance, LEED Certification of Buildings, LEED Rating System and anything that we feel would be useful for a LEED GA and LEED AP aspirant to know. Also, we will be sharing some memorization techniques like Mind-mapping and Picture based memory techniques which we used for our preparation.

We are not the so called “experts” in this field. But we humbly want to share with the community about what we know. Anything that we write here is open for comments and we always welcome suggestions for improvement. We hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Thank you.



Navaneethan Rajan, LEED AP (BD+C)

Anindya Bhattacharya, LEED AP (BD+C)


3 Responses to “ABOUT US”

  1. Rajan P Says:

    Gongrats, very good attempt. Articles are ritht to the point and
    includes only the required matters. You become SUCCESSFUL
    by helping others become SUCCESSFUL- Rajan

  2. Thanesh Says:

    Nice attempt.

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