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ALL ABOUT LEED June 26, 2010

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Everyone wants to go green. Day after day, the global community is working harder to make our planet a better place to live. We as a part of Architecture/Construction industry, have a major role to play in helping their efforts.  

In late 80’s and early 90’s, people in the industry realized the importance of sustainable practices in construction. Everybody was waiting for someone to show the right way. The long wait, came to an end when USGBC decided to take the lead in 1993. USGBC is well known for their development LEED, which started its growth in 1994. Later in 2008, GBCI was found to manage the LEED Professional Accreditation Program.

It sounds little bit confusing to understand the relationship between USGBC, LEED, LEED APs, LEED certification, while hearing about them for the first time. So, here is our attempt to make it simple to you… 


 USGBC  ==> United States Green Building Council

  • A Private, membership based non-profit organization
  • Hosts Greenbuild, a conference and expo on green buildings
  • Hosts educational opportunities on green building industry

GBCI   ==> Green Building Certification Institute

  • Works in partnership with USGBC
  • Manages all aspects of LEED Professional Accreditation Program including exam development, registration and delivery

LEED   ==> Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (Rating System)

  • A development of USGBC
  • Its a framework to measure the degree of greenness of buildings
  • Provides certification to buildings that meet the sustainability goals set by the framework
  • Currently available for new construction, existing buildings, commercial interiors, core and shell, schools, retail and homes
  • To know more about LEED rating system, read this article

LEED AP  ==> LEED Accredited Professional

  • Experts in LEED
  • Certified by GBCI for their expertise in understanding LEED rating system
  • According to new version LEED V3.0, there are three tiers in credential program, 1.LEED GA, 2. LEED AP with specialty, 3. LEED Fellow.
  • To know more about LEED Accreditation, read this article

LEED Certification 

  • Provided by GBCI for buildings meeting sustainability standards set by LEED rating system
  • Can get various levels of certification such as Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Certified
  • To know more about LEED Certification, read this article

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