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GREEN CONCEPTS – i June 18, 2010



LEED GA exam requires you to understand certain basic concepts pertaining to Green Buildings. Whole Building Design is one of those.

What makes a building green? ye, you are right! Obviously not the color or appearance. If you believe that it is just the amount of greeneries, trees or grass in the site that makes a building green, I have to say “sorry, you are wrong!”. Even now, if you are searching for a single magical thing that makes a building green, please be advised that that thing doesn’t exist. It requires an integrated approach to both design and project team to make a building truly green.

This integrated approach is known by the term “Whole Building Design” in the industry. As the name signifies, this approach visualizes a building project with a holistic view, incorporating various concepts. Accessibility, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, historic preservation, functionality, security, safety, productivity, and sustainability, all are given consideration before making any choice. In other words, everyone involved in the project, ‘truly talk” together before each decision. This process makes the building into something beyond a normal structure, more than just a place to live, better performing than others, which can be called otherwise as a “High Performance Building”.WBD

Image Courtesy: Whole Building Design

       Better designed buildings-> Sustainable Environment->Greener Planet

To explain in simple terms, lets consider an analogy. If a patient is getting admitted in a hospital for a physical treatment, then the “Holistic Philosophy” will ask the doctor to treat him/her physically, mentally and spiritually. If the philosophy has been followed, then the treatment is believed to be better performing than the traditional ones.

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