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GREEN CONCEPTS – III June 18, 2010

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LEED GA exam requires you to understand certain basic concepts pertaining to Green Buildings. Triple Bottom Line is one of those.

In business world, bottom line is something which everyone is concerned about. But, what is this triple bottom line? It is a philosophy, which states that economy, ecology and society, all are equally important in running a business. It believes that without happy people and healthy environment, businesses are unsustainable in the long run. LEED strongly supports and follows this philosophy.


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Triple Bottom Line believes that,

  1. People, also known as Human Capital should be treated deservedly. 
  2. Planet, also called Natural Capital, should be caused minimal impact while running a business. 
  3. Profit making should be honest and in harmony with other two principles. 

To be clear, Triple Bottom Line is “not an award, accreditation or a certification”. It’s an ongoing process that helps a company keep on track towards running a greener business and demonstrates to the community that they are working not just towards profit, but the greater common good. To know more about Triple Bottom Line, please follow this link.

Green business is simply a better business…!

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