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LEED GA – Eligibility June 10, 2010

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The first step in giving LEED GA examination is to qualify for the exam. LEED GA aspirants (you) can meet one of the following three criteria to become eligible for taking the examination.

  1. Project Involvement
  2. Employment
  3. Education

Project Involvement:

If you are/were involved in a registered LEED project, then you just have to get a written consent of your involvement from your supervisor. Meeting this requirement alone will let you sit in the examination.

If you don’t have previous experience in LEED project(s), and you still want to qualify under this section, then you can attend a Green Professional Training Program provided by third party organizations. These programs will let you be a part of actual LEED projects and help you gain hands on experience in LEED projects. Training programs are available for LEED AP aspirants as well. But, when compared to other available options, this option is expensive.



If you are/were working in a company/field that is related to sustainability, then you can become qualified for taking the examination. Some possible examples for such positions are Architect, Construction Engineer etc.,



If you are a student or a recent graduate, and have taken courses that teaches you sustainable principles or Green building techniques, then that can help you meet the eligibility requirements.

If you don’t meet the above requirements and still want to qualify under this category, then you can register for ‘courses’ provided by GBCI or other third party course providers. Below are some of the courses provided by GBCI, and their web links.

• LEED 201: Core Concepts & Strategies
In person
     • Online
• LEED 205: Green Buildings & Preparing for LEED Green Associate  (online)

For detailed information about eligibility criteria and required documents for submittals, please follow this article on GBCI’s website.


Other Options:

Apart from the above mentioned criteria, GBCI allows one more way to meet the eligibility requirements. That is by having experience as a support for a LEED registered project. This means, if you ever acted as a support for a LEED project, then you can benefit from this option. According to GBCI,

    “A person who provides support on a LEED Registered Project could be a person who assists on a project by providing administrative/research tasks, managing templates, coordinating meetings, tracking consultants and/or contractors, or helping in compiling documentation for review.”

If you think you can fit in this option, then you have to provide a proof of your involvement as a support. That proof shall be in the form of letter and has to follow the following restrictions imposed by GBCI,

  • The letter must be on letterhead or provide other evidence of its authenticity
  • The body of the attestation should be limited to 750 words or less
  • The letter must be dated
  • The letter must be authored and signed by a supervisor, client, project manager, teacher, or someone else that is qualified to evaluate the applicant’s performance.
  • The author’s title and relationship to the applicant should be demonstrated.
  • The letter must summarize and confirm the applicant’s participation in one of the three qualifying experience categories (project involvement, employment, or education).”

All the best in your pursuit of LEED Examination. To know about LEED Exam Preparation, please follow this article.

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